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  • Leslie Sanford Sanford LFO v1.0 VSTi WiN-peace-out
    8 November 2018
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    Sanford LFO VSTi 1.0 WiN

    TEAM peace-out | 16.08.2009 | 4.7 MB

    The Sanford LFO is a MIDI based VSTi plugin representing a low frequency oscillator. It has all of the features you would expect from magesy download an LFO such as support for synchronization and providing a variety of waveform choices.

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  • Lexicon Pantheon II v2.0 VST x86 WiN-Peace-Out
    11 February 2018
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    Pantheon II v2.0 VST x86 WiN

    TEAM Peace Out | 13.08.2009 | 5.83 MB

    The Lexicon name is synonymous with “the world’s best reverb.” Pantheon II™ makes it easy to complete your mix and make your music sound its best with the exquisitely rich, full reverbs that made Lexicon famous. The Pantheon II reverb plug-in continues to be a value added piece of software that gives your recording that legendary Lexicon Sound. It now supports both VST and Audio Unit formats and operates up to 96kHz.

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  • Oli Larkin Dronebox v2.3 VST WiN-peace-out
    28 January 2017
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    Oli Larkin Dronebox VST 2.3

    Oli Larkin Dronebox v2.3 VST

    Team peace-out | 04.16.2009 | 9.52 MB

    Dronebox is a bank of six resonant, tunable comb filters with extensive modulation options. It can be used to create lush evolving drones or to add resonance to source material. For instance it can simulate the sound of the sympathetic strings of the sitar – great for processing guitar.

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  • De La Mancha Subhuman v3.0 VSTi WiN-Peace-Out
    28 September 2016
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    Subhuman v3.0 VSTi WiN

    Team peace out | 03.14.2009 | 6.94 MB

    De La Mancha Subhuman VSTi v3.0 is a specialized 2 Osc synth for creating powerful sub bass, either for low down basslines, or sub-bass kick drums and drops. subhuman has been updated to add a pitch envelope, contoured graphical envelopes, note-on sync, waveform display and oscillator phase. It also now has a pure sine oscillator for Osc1, which is generated by real-time math to avoid interpolation and give a pure signal By playing notes several octaves below middle C, subhuman will create a deep sub bass from magesy download the pure sine wave generated by Osc1. You can add to this with a different waveform on Osc2, detuned, sync’d and out of phase to get an extra layer of sound. Use the envelopes to shape the volume, pitch and LFO profile, each one has multiple contours for each stage to get just the right effect. The tempo-sync LFO can make the filter wobble or sweep and the overdrive will add some dirt. Drum mode removes the sustain stage of the envelopes to give you a percussive sound on each note, used with the pitch envelope to get that classic drum machine kick

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  • Mokafix Audio VST Bundle Pack 2010 WiN-ASSiGN
    31 August 2016
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    Mokafix Audio VST Pack 2010 WiN

    TEAM ASSiGN | 08.03.2010 | 134 MB

    This pack include: Baboon VST v1.0 RC1 (200TH RELEASE), Brass Buster VST v1.2, Companero Fuzz VST v1.2, D-Plus & D-380 VST v1.0 RC1, EZ-Driver VST v1.2, Kung Fuzz VST v1.2, Lamp Driver VST v1.0.RC1, Muffin Rider VST v1.2, RectiFuzz VST v1.2, Sentor VST v1.0 RC1, The Bat VST v1.0 RC1.

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  • Oday Retro Audio Releases 2 August 2016
    2 August 2016


    Oday Retro Audio Releases

    Teams Various | 2 August 2016| 14.52 GB

    TUTORiAL, CDDA, WAV, REX2, MiDi, Presets and More…

    14 Retro Packs Releases from magesy download SynthX, DELiRiUM, peace-out, AudioP2P, AMPLiFY, MAGNETRiXX, BSOUNDZ , P2P and Much More…

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  • MasterBits Monster Pack 2 WAV-peace-out
    1 August 2016
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    MasterBits Monster Pack 2 WAV

    Team: HiNAMATSURi-peace-out | 03.03.2009 | 4.87 GB

    This is the monstrous sampling package, Masterbits MONSTER PACK 2. 12,000 WAV files are included in 10 CDs.

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